NG should probably be one letter

There are a few people who campaign for English language spelling reform. I admire them, I really do, there is so much to be reformed. But alas I fear they are doomed to failure for several reasons. One of which is English's inadequate alphabet. There are (at least) 44 sounds in English, but only 26 … Continue reading NG should probably be one letter

The long and short of O

Let's move on down the alphabet, make way for the letter O. Got it? Oh yes. As with all vowels letter O has several pronunciations. Today we'll look at short /ɒ/ as in clock or orange, and long /əʊ/ as in go and old. _________ Pull out phonemic section starts _________ Before we go any … Continue reading The long and short of O

TH – what the actual?

This is the sound that English learners love to hate, and many English speakers don't actually realise is two slightly different sounds. We're talking about TH as in that, then, this, feather, with (which is voiced /ð/) or thin, thumb, thick, thunder and moth (which is unvoiced /θ/) How to make the sound So both … Continue reading TH – what the actual?